drawer and holder

Ton Boelhouwer

Opening: Sunday 26 November, 16.00 – 18.00 hrs  
26 November – 6 Januari 2024

PS projectspace is very happy to present Ton Boelhouwer's second solo exhibition. The first exhibition ‘verzen’ was held in November 2019.

Drawer and holder consists of ten different compositions of a drawer and a holder; in two different sizes and in a number of deconstructions. The whole can be experienced as one work spread across the floor.

The work is radically autonomous; there is no meaning behind the work. Only inside: it is a drawer and its holder, without function; newly made, placed in the room and painted.

The unity of time and timelessness is in the thing, in painting and in looking. To experience this in the constant becoming of the phenomena is to experience joy.

The exhibition can be visited on Saturdays 14 – 17 hrs. and by appointment.